A Fifteen-Minute Daily Guide To Build Your Bible IQ In A Year

What is CORE 52?

The Core52 book identifies the fifty-two most influential verses in the Bible, providing a brief essay for each verse, tracing its theme through the entire Bible.

The Core52 videos are 5–6 minute summaries of why each verse contributes to your faith journey. These can be used for individual consumption or to engage group discussion.

Why CORE 52?


Empower the busiest people to master the core of the Bible. Bible engagement is the single greatest predictor of spiritual success. Yet, the Bible is a big book and people don’t know where to start. Core52 eliminates both those barriers, by identifying those verses with the highest return of investment and providing tools to master them.


Provide a tool to achieve Bible mastery in 15 minutes/day, 5 days/week in 1 year. Think of Core52 as your “FastPass” for knowing God’s Word, by-passing the lines of minutia, pushing you to the front of the biggest ideas of the Bible to build a Christian worldview.


There is a gap between people’s interest in the Bible and their engagement with it. 80% of all church members want to know the Bible better and small groups may be the best place to provide this discipleship mechanism.