The Summit

Wednesday Night Studies

Have you ever wanted to grow in your faith...

...but you didn’t know where to begin?

Start here and join us as we help you take that next step in your walk with the Lord.

Beginning August 18, 2021 at 6:00 p.m., join us for The Summit, a new Wednesday evening time of learning and spiritual development.

A rotating selection of classes will be offered and are designed to help you grow in specific areas of your faith. The first two classes will help you start your journey on the right foundation as we launch Back to the Basics: Christianity 101 and How a Man Prays for His Family.

Children's classes will also be available for infants to 5th grade.

Back to the Basics: Christianity 101

study led by Tim Lueking

God. Gospel. Church. Jesus. Mission. Sometimes it helps to get back to the basics.  In this series, we’ll do just that.

Think of this series as a refresher course on some of the things that matter most to God and should matter most to you as a Christian.  This study series will help you learn more about the fundamentals of prayer, Bible study, core beliefs of Christianity, and much more as you learn to live for the glory of God. 

How a Man Prays for His Family

study led by brian delks

Are you able to identify the obstacles in your prayer life? Wondering how to connect your family to God's power?

Brian Delks leads you through a study to help you get past barriers to prayer. He will equip you with the right tools in order to have a powerful, consistent prayer life and make a Kingdom impact on your family.

Children's Classes

Studies led by Janis Evans

Children’s classes will be available for infants to 5th grade. These classes will be designed to help your child grow in faith and learn how to live out the life-changing, Biblical principles found in the Word of God.