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Counter Cultural Christianity

Lesson 1

"Counter..." - Lesson 1 - Notes

Shine As A Woman Of God

"Shine..." Notes

Cold Case Christianity

Lesson 1: The Case for the Resurrection

Notes on "Cold Case Christianity: The Case for the Resurrection"

Lesson 2: The Case for Christ

part one

Lesson 2 - Part 1 - Notes

part 2

Notes for Lesson 2 - Part 2

Lesson 3: The Case for Truth

Cold Case Christianity - Lesson 3 - Notes

Courage and Conviction: Life Lessons From Joshua

Part 1

Notes on "Courage and Conviction: Part 1"

Part 1

Part 2

Notes on "Courage and Conviction: Part 2"

Part 2

The Power of Reflection

Notes on "The Power of Reflection"

Learning from your past.

The Power of Praying For Our Country

4 Ways to Pray for the Nation

Notes on "The Power of Praying For Our Country"