Daily Routines

See what activities your child will regularly engage in to stimulate growth and social interaction.

A Typical Daily Routine...

Morning jobs

Line Leader, Calendar, Weather, Show/Share, Counting, Letter, Color, Shape, Pledge, Flag Holder, Bell Ringer, Napkins, Memory Verse, Snack, Activity, Sight Word


The centers change daily and can include: letter practice, number practice, color recognition, name practice, fine motor skills, cutting skills, crafts, math games, and phonics games.


We take turns bringing in snacks to share.


We read books to the children daily.

Group play

The kids enjoy games and recreation inside our gym or outside at our playground.

Special activities include:


Grandparents day program, Christmas program, Closing program, Hallelujah dress up party, Thanksgiving feast, Christmas party, Valentines party, Easter party, everyone’s birthdays.

Special visitors

Dentist, police, bus driver, exercise instructor, etc.

science center

Ant farm, hatching chicken eggs, frog habitat, planting a garden. caterpillars/butterflies, cooking, and other preschool level experiments.


Visit the church library bi-monthly; have story time and check out books.

Just read

A Creation Station program to promote reading with all our children. It includes a spring reading program with a goal of a set number of books to read or have read to you. When the goal is met, we will have a party to celebrate. We also have several “Step 1 and 2” books to loan out to our early readers.