Our Core Values

The foundations of who we are and the guardrails for everything we do.

Our Core Values

Woodland Heights Christian Church has built its vision on the solid foundation of the Word of God and we utilize our core values to help us stay the course in carrying out our mission. We strive to champion these core values to help us better honor the Lord as His disciples.

Biblical Authority

We believe that the Word of God is inerrant and infallible as found handed down to the prophets, apostles, teachers, and scribes from the Old Testament and New Testament. It is our guide for life and provides us the framework needed to live a life filled with hope, peace, joy, and the victory of Christ.

Biblical Worldview

We believe that it is critical to develop a Biblical Worldview in the life of every Christian. It is necessary that the filter in which we view the world, society, and politics, be a biblical one. A Biblical Worldview will produce hope, life, justice, action, and victorious living in the life of a believer.


We believe that Biblical leadership is essential to guide and guard the church with the Word of God. We seek to train up disciples for Christ with the Word of God to further the God-given mission of the church.


A healthy church must teach, preach, equip for, and practice fervent prayer. We seek to teach, inspire, motivate, challenge, and encourage each member of the body of Christ to pray and grow in their relationship with God daily.


We believe that worship encompasses more than just the songs that we sing. It is displayed in our obedience to the Word of God and how we live our lives in response to Christ’s redeeming work on the cross. We strive to worship in spirit and truth as a wholehearted response to God’s presence in the midst of His people. Our worship is not performance-driven, but redemption-driven. It is only by Jesus that we enter into the presence of God to proclaim His mighty works through song, prayer, and the reading of Scripture.


We believe in and value community. The Church is a place where believers can relate to, encourage, protect, and admonish one another as we grow in our faith and experience God’s grace. Community is a place where values are shared, relationships are established, families are raised, and vision is accomplished.


We believe that the Great Commission is at the heart of God’s work. Our goal is to cultivate a heart for evangelism to the extent that it causes ministries and strategies to be created, resources to be released, the people to find fulfillment in Christian service as the world is impacted by the message of salvation. Acts 1:8 describes the church’s empowerment to fulfill the Great Commission locally, nationally, and internationally.